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“Izvorska” is a mountain, spring water which is produced and packed by the well-known company for manufacture of water and soft drinks Kozuvcanka Ltd. The spring is located on Kozuv Mountain, which is famous for the abundance of clean water, far away from urban pollutants, more specifically at 40km south from the city of Kavadarci.

From the spring Vasov Grad, the water follows a gravitational path in a closed water pipe system and safely flows up to the manufacturing plant of Kozuvcanka, excluding any possibilities of influence by external factors or pollutants. Moreover, the latest modern standards for production of safe water, ISO 9001 and HACCP are being implemented, which is a guarantee for clean, healthy, safe and quality water for drinking. The very technical and technological process, as well as the daily control in the personal laboratories, is another proof of the constant quality of Izvorska.

The capacity of this modern manufacturing line is 20,000 liters per hour, thus meeting the needs for water of a large number of consumers in Republic Macedonia. Although Izvorska, as a new brand in Macedonia, has appeared only a few years ago, it has spread very quickly in all points of sale within the country. Izvorska is being more and more present in people’s houses and is a part of their everyday life. Recently, Izvorska has also appeared on markets out of our country’s borders. The constant demand is yet another proof for the high quality of this water. The message of the manufacturers clearly says: “Choose health for yourselves and your loved ones”. Starting from the fact that in the world there is more water than land and yet the quantity of healthy drinking water reduces quickly, the managing team of Kozuvcanka, following the world fashion of consuming packed water, introduced this new product – packed water –  Izvorska, which on the market can be found in packages of 0.5L, 1.5L, and 10L.

Healthy water for healthy life, the health above all!

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