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An interview by a representative in the food industry, discussing a topic in the food related area they specialize in.


A product overview, showcasing history, function and/or benefits of a product to and for the general public, or for a specific group of interest.


An electronic flip book and a visual representation of a certain subject, capturing the essence of the discussed topic at hand.

Hygienic Design: Necessity and Legal requirement

Mr. Hubertus Lelieveld is an internationally recognized leader of multidisciplinary research and development projects in food industry. He is one of the founders of European Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), founder and President of Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), former Secretary-general and President of the European Federation of Food Science & Technology (EFFoST) etc.

Kozuvcanka Ltd.

“Izvorska” is a mountain, spring water which is produced and packed by the well-known company for manufacture of water and soft drinks Kozuvcanka Ltd. The spring is located on Kozuv Mountain, which is famous for the abundance of clean water, far away from urban pollutants, more specifically at 40km south from the city of Kavadarci.

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